Studio Etiquette & Terms

Creating a positive experience for every member of the MummyYoga community is important to us. We ask all our participants to extend to others the same treatment and respect they would like to experience themselves. We reserve the right to cancel any attendances of clients who will not observe these parameters and we will not offer any refunds or compensations in such conditions. Decisions in such situations made by MummyYoga employees will be final.

Health and Hygiene
Please make sure you do not bring outside footwear on the mat. As we take the utmost care to bring you mats and equipment of high environment and health standards, we hope that all members will be able to benefit from this experience without having to worry about their health and safety.

Arrive on time for class
We understand that sometimes you’re running late, however, the studio has the right to deny any participants that arrive after the time allotments of your individual class.

Notify your teacher if…
You are new, must leave early, have any special medical considerations or prefer no hands-on adjustments.

Take care of your belongings
We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Expiry, Waitlist and Cancellation Policies

Pass Expiry:

Please note the class pass purchases have an expiry date.

  • A single class pass needs to be used within 15 days of purchase.
  • The 5-session pass has a 42-day validity from the first use.
  • The 10-session pass has a 85-day validity from the first use.
  • The 20-session pass has a 168-day validity from the first use.
  • The 30-session pass has a 240-day validity from the first use.



  • Once a class is full, reservations will close for that class and you may add your name to the waitlist. Spots will be released in a chronological manner to those on the waitlist.

Cancellation and Refund:

  • As a courtesy to other members, please cancel at least 4 hours before the start of the class. This will enable members on the wait list to get a spot in the class and you will not be charged for that class.
  • If you do not cancel in time, you will be charged for the class as no one will be able to use your space on the mat.
  • We will issue a full refund of any unused class due to childbirth or any other medical contraindication that may prevent you from attending the classes. We will need written proof in order to process the refund.
  • All classes are non-transferable between different people.

Pass Freeze:

  • If you have any unused passes by the time you give birth, we will freeze the validity for those passes for you to use them for Postnatal Yoga classes.
  • This freeze has no time limit and you can rest easy enjoying your lovely new baby without having to worry about attending postnatal yoga until you are truly ready. We truly believe in the magical period post birth and encourage all parents to stay and bond with their babies for as long as they wish. When you are ready just get in touch and we will reinstate your unused passes if they might have expired.
  • The new expiry for the unused passes will be set on the same terms as the original purchase and time limits. For example: 8 unused passes will be reinstated for a further 10 weeks and pro-rata if they are more or less than 8 passes.


We appreciate your cooperation and your feedback.