A little about me

photo 5My name is Rehana Jawadwala and I come to yoga with 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, both in the commercial sector (I used to be a personal trainer) and in academia. I have a PhD in sport and exercise nutrition and at present I am a senior lecturer at the University of Chester in Sports Nutrition. Being born in Bombay, introduced me to Yoga fairly early on in life. In the late eighties I discovered the Yoga Institute round the corner from where I lived. I didn’t realise at the time that I was stepping into the world’s oldest Yoga centre! From those very simple early morning pranayama sessions to my strong physical practice today, yoga has been an underlying constant as part of my collective Indian cultural and philosophical background.
Since my early twenties I lived in many places including New York, Auckland and Jeddah before settling in the UK. During that period I lost and found Yoga a few times. My passion for yoga and meditation stems from its transcending qualities beyond physical performance. I was particularly moved to bring my skills as a teacher to pregnant and new mums after my own experience of going from an anxious new mum-to-be to a confident, accepting and fit new mum.
I am a Yoga Alliance, UK certified pregnancy yoga teacher. I secured a distinction grade in my course. I am on the FEDANT register under two categories – Yoga and Nutrition (12679). The first and the only (for now at least) antenatal yoga provider with this accreditation in all of the North West!
I am committed to keeping my knowledge and skills current and relevant. I constantly  engage in various workshops and CPD activities that enhance all my offerings at MummyYoga. Notably. I have recently attended the Spinning babies workshop that enable and empower educators to consider physical aspects of the woman and the baby’s body to aid birth before considering more invasive solutions. This workshop is world leading in helping women to understand their birthing bodies and provide a vast array of tools to help women feel empowered during their birthing experience.
I am also a qualified Baby Wearing Peer supporter. I have recently completed a comprehensive course with Dr Rosie Knowles of Born to Carry in Sheffield.
I teach pregnancy and postnatal yoga, Yoga nidra and meditation in the city of Chester as @MummyYoga. You can contact me on rehana@MummyYoga.com
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SENR Graduate Registrant

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