Breathing for Birthing audio guides

Breathing for Birthing is a simple no gimmicks audio guide to help you prepare for the most important event of your life. Nothing will ever compare to the experience of birthing your baby. This guide is designed for regular practice during pregnancy. You can start using this guide from anytime during your pregnancy. The more you use it the deeper it embeds in your subconscious for a natural recall during childbirth.

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This guide is not just another hypnobirthing aid. In fact we do not make any claims towards hypnosis with this guide. This guide has been developed with the support from three distinct yet complimentary foundational bases. The first is the ancient Indian Yoga Nidra (deep sleep) philosophy that harnesses the subconscious mind whilst in a state of deep physical relaxation delivering the ability to embed powerful, positive messages into the mind. The second foundation comes from clear scientific evidence from systems of meditation such as progressive muscular relaxation techniques and breath and body connections. The third foundation of this guide is evidence from practice, the true measure of both the previous theoretical bases to be encompassed within actual deliverables. Feedback from hundreds of mums to be who have used these techniques in MummyYoga classes and my personal experience of decades of meditation and harnessing my breath connection during childbirth have helped complete the guide with simple yet powerful learnings for childbirth.

You do not have to plan for a home birth or “Natural” birth (whatever that means!) to benefit from this guide. This guide is for each and every woman at a powerful threshold in her life when she transforms into a mother. This guide will help you free yourself from the anxieties of becoming a mother, give you the true confidence that your inner wisdom is the most powerful ally you will have during childbirth and into your journey as a mother. This guide is about getting in touch with that empowered person inside of you that can handle any birth situation with grace and inner peace.

These guides are currently set for download

on the MummyYoga digital store

as “pay what you want” option


“Complete Birth Preparation audio guide” is divided into four parts –

  1. The first few minutes is dedicated to centring through breath awareness.
  2. The next section ensures that your body is fully prepared to relax through tried and tested progressive muscular relaxation techniques.
  3. This is then followed by a series of visualisations that will enable you to prepare to manage your surges during contractions and teach you to use correct breathing techniques to minimise physical discomfort and emotional anxiety that creep into our minds when things don’t happen as how we expect them to, during childbirth.
  4. The track ends with awareness drawn back to the breath and body connection.


We also have an ALBUM version on Amazon and iTunes for purchase.

There are further five complimentary tracks on this album. Since we all don’t have 45 – 60 minutes each day to listen to the Complete Birth Preparation guide amongst our busy schedules, tracks 2, 3 and 4 will give you flexibility in the length of the audio, but yet serve to give you a complete experience of MummyYoga’s signature Breathing for Birthing preparation programme.

In addition to track 1 described above …

Track 2 is half the length of track 1. So when you have had a busy day and struggle to find time to come to your practice, this track is ideal.

Tracks 3 and 4 are variations of the time you will spend on breath work and visualisation parts of the practice. Track 3 will spend longer on breath work, while track 4 has a longer visualisation element. So if you have a favourite element in the birth preparation you can choose to listen to the more appropriate track of your choice more often, giving you control over how you spend your time listening to the guide while you still get complete benefit from all the practices within the programme.

Track 5 is your handbag track! Keep it on your phone or favourite music player and replay it whenever you need five minutes of bliss. It’s a track that will serve you well at the supermarket checkout waiting queue to when your toddler says “no” to each and every option that you present to them. Five minutes of quick relaxation that will reduce your stress and anxieties at times when you need them most. All these calm five minutes will add up during your pregnancy, overall reducing the daily stress we build up and help you recall your breathing practice in small doable chunks.

Track 6 is another powerful five minute practice. This is a great track to unwind the day with. Use the very powerful progressive muscular relaxation techniques to help you truly relax and achieve the best sleep. This relaxation technique is the backbone of any powerful positive intention based system.

We sincerely think that even if you gain as little as the ability to relax in a high pressure moment during your pregnancy, this guide will have done its job. Thank you for downloading or buying this audio guide and using this programme and please forward any feedback you may have to We would be thrilled to hear about your birth outcomes and how this simple evidence based programme may have helped you along the way.


Acknowledgements: This production would not have been possible without the fantastic skills and talents of my production expert Ms Lauren Walker Multimedia Artist and Facilitator and Mr Rees Wharton who helped design the cover art for the albums.


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