Bliss Out Mummy

Bliss Out MumBliss Out Mummysmy is a unique restorative and regenerative yoga class specifically designed for modern day mothering needs.

The class is suitable for any woman who is thinking about starting a family, pregnant women looking to prepare to be a mother and all mothers. This class will be your support system to help you prepare for the lifelong bliss of being a graceful, empathetic and present mother. Here you will meet not only women who are on the same juncture as you are on this journey… but women who have gone before you and women who are just starting to think of becoming a mother.

This class welcomes all… single mothers, parents within a same sex couple, grandmothers, mothers who adopt, mothers who seek IVF, mothers who have family at a distance, mothers who find going to baby groups a struggle and of course mothers who have managed to take everything within their graceful stride and live life as much as they can.

What does a Bliss out Mummy class look like? 

We journey deep into supported postures with pranayama (breathing) techniques, positive visualisations and meditation to counteract the cult of busy-ness that prevails. This class is your opportunity to stop and take care of yourself so that you can be the mother you have always wanted to be without the pull and push of modern day demands. Rather than mirroring the pushing rhythm of our culture, resting in poses that balance our systems is nothing short of a personal revolution. It certainly was for me.

All yoga, no matter what the style, is about self-awareness and transformation. In a Bliss Out Mummy class we use blankets to get there. Not just blankets but bolsters, eye pillows, belts, blocks, sandbags and practically every yoga prop possible. By using props to support the body (this is a defining factor of the style) we coax the mind and nervous system into a state of relaxation. The trick is to be really comfortable — that’s when the magic happens.

Bliss Out Mummy class is all about that level of deep comfort. Comfort in your body, mind and spirit. This class brings you a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice with breath awareness, visualization and muscle relaxation – all designed to enhance the power of your mind and  bring you into a sweet, relaxed and calmly focused state of mind.

We keep relaxing and softening throughout the practice. It is, in fact, a delightful process because for most of us letting go of tension brings great relief to our body and mind. The Bliss Out Mummy class is not about collapsing into each posture, as we might slump into an old armchair, this yielding is an active process. Instead, yielding allows us to be in a clear and dynamic relationship with our environment, so that we are very present to this softening of stress and tension, present to what may be revealed from letting go.

In the quietness of such a restorative practice we learn tune into our breath, we can relax the senses so they may be more in balance with how we interact and receive the environment around us. We can learn to focus our attention and sustain that focus throughout the practice, and finally arrive simply and perfectly in the moment, with a remarkable acceptance, presence and responsiveness to this moment. It becomes a graceful relaxation back into our hidden wisdom as a mother. This sense of empowerment of knowing, acting and responding as a mother with the utmost presence of mind is a gift that you bring to yourself and shower on your little one/s and indeed to all around you.


Time: Tuesdays 7:15 pm till 8:15 pm

Venue: Hoole Community centre, Room 3 (directions to studio)

All ladies welcome: Starting to think about a family, pregnant, postnatal, experienced mothers…


Introductory offer till end of October 2018 – 75% off usual drop in rate.

Use code: BOMtrial at checkout


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