Delamere Forest Yoga and Walk

Hanging on to our mums is how we have evolved! As a new mum you have probably discovered the power of a sling in calming, settling and soothing your new baby. The reason the sling as a mode of carrying your baby has not died despite big advertising money being poured into the pram and buggy market is that, slings and baby wearing is natural, straightforward and simple. Most babies love being in a sling straightway as opposed to learning to like the crib/pram.

This walk is an extension of this simple natural way of bonding. We take our slings into the forest, giving us the perfect physical space to explore our bond, breath and connection with our babies, our environment and above all our inner space.

We will take in the forest and its offerings while we walk in company of likeminded parents, chat and relax. As we settle into a rhythm, we will bring to attention our inner workings, our breath and connect with nature.
During the walk, we will concentrate on the spine and pelvic floor, enabling you to find space and length in your movement, which in turn will help with building core stability. The walk itself will hopefully refresh our minds and bodies and counteract the lack of sleep which we all seem to share!
Apart from these physical benefits, your baby too will learn how to regulate their emotions through your breath and centred emotional seat.
The main aim is to have fun and incorporate all the above elements of the practice without any expectations. Most often its expectations that kills results.

Where to Park and meet.

Follow the postcode CW8 2HZ. This is the postcode to the railway station. Instead of taking the turning off the main road for the station, turn off the main road and head into the forest. Park in Linmere car park which is the 2nd car park on the right (where the café and toilets and bike shop are).
We will meet and greet everyone inside  the café.

Things to Bring:

Waterproofs! If we get lucky with the weather then sunscreen and hats for babies. Make sure you are sun safe during the summer time.

Easy clothing and appropriate footwear too are essential to be safe with baby in slings. Please bring a drink to keep you hydrated and any nourishment for baby as appropriate.

Slings/Carriers: If you love your sling, then please use it for the walk. I will have a few Marsupi Slings you can use for a small hire charge of £1. In addition, if you wish to purchase a Marsupi on the day I will be able to offer you a £10 discount on the regular price of £60.

Upcoming Walks:

We meet every last Monday of each month from 10:00 am till 11:00 am followed by a rest in the café and an opportunity to continue our chats/listen to some inspiring stories, heart breaking ones too and we hope that we will meet some friends for life, both us parents and our children.
Older children welcome  (if they are happy to walk or in prams) at no charge.

Ticket Price: £5 per event.

Book NOW

All proceeds from this event are directed towards our work with Mothers’Mental Health Matters Project (#MMhM)


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