Ethos and Philanthropy

The story on empowerment of women starts early in her life. I didn’t realise this early enough. My mother, my grandmother and my aunts lived by examples I could easily imbibe and thus paradoxically could not completely appreciate the powerful message they were helping me internalise; the codes of strength, gratitude and the ability to stand up for myself. But becoming a mother has meant that my internal workings and my drive to make an impact routinely gets great scrutiny now. It is such episodes of soul searching that has led me onto the journey that is MummyYoga Ltd. I wanted to be part of the solution and not just watch mothers around me feeling fearful and helpless when it came to childbirth and mothering, but help them wholeheartedly engage in what could be one of the most liberating and empowering experience in a woman’s life.

My yoga practice during my pregnancy was a game changer. Yoga before pregnancy was about general health, physical strength and flexibility and a slow but clear deepening of a connection with my mind. Slowly as all other forms of exercise started to take a back seat due to physical constraints and fatigue during pregnancy, it was only yoga that sustained. But then as I became more and more conscious of the weight of responsibility of become a mother, it was once again my yoga practice that helped me navigate these murky waters of anxiety, soul searching on my ability to mother, getting back in touch with my instincts and above all finding my voice as a mum. This powerful journey indeed set the stage for the beginning of MummyYoga…

MummyYoga from the onset had the ambition to make a meaningful impact not simply provide a service that was absent in the local community. Part of this ethos drives our philanthropic endeavours; whether it is reaching out to a community of mums where a typical “media” informed frenzy on the benefits of yoga is impenetrable or supporting great charity work that aligns the ethos of the charity with ours, one such place is  Room to Read. Their work particularly in girls’ education has been a constant source of inspiration to me and their transparency on the impact of their work a refreshing model to emulate. Thus at MummyYoga we are committing to donate 15% of all our profits to the charity on their work in girls’ education in India. Educating girls means empowered mothers and empowered families… in effect an empowered civilisation. We at MummyYoga believe this empowerment will ultimately change the world into a peaceful place.

A room to read