Keep me close – Mum and Baby yoga

Hanging on to our mums is how we have evolved! As a new mum you have probably discovered the power of a sling in calming, settling and sooting your new baby (You haven’t? Try it… its magic!)

The reason the sling as a mode of carrying your baby has not died despite big advertising money being poured into the pram and buggy market is that, slings and baby wearing is natural, straightforward and simple. Most babies love being in a sling straightway as opposed to learning to like the crib/pram.

MummyYoga is a mummy centric place where we know that mums are not happy if their little ones are unsettled. As a new mum I have found that my own practice of yoga takes a backseat as the newborn needs are tended. Yet yoga keeps me sane, grounded, physically aware and mentally alert. It provides me with my daily centering to be able to be the mother I intend to be and thus in general, my practice is paramount to my family’s health as well. The issue is being able to set it on a high priority agenda and carving that time for the most simple of practices.

The warrior mums – We can handle anything!

With the birth of both my daughters, the answer and salvation came in the form of a sling. Early morning meditation and simple asana practice in early post natal days helped me regulate my hormones, keep a sense of clarity and most importantly keep a sense of identity.

I noticed subtle things going on with my baby as well. During and after my practice, her breathing was calmer as she involuntarily mimicked my pranayama states. I in turn was amazed at how calm my surroundings suddenly felt. No change in my physical environment, just that subtle emotional and mental shift. It is addictive.

I got fitter! Although in my regular practice I love challenging sequences and holding postures that really bring out my physical, emotional and mental weaknesses to the surface, I knew with my baby in the sling such challenges were not possible. However, what surprised me was how much fitter I did get even with the most simple asana practice. Also it was the case of perfect “progressive overload” principle that we use in the gym (slowly increasing the weights/resistance to get more and more fit over time). As my baby got heavier, I was inadvertently challenging myself more.

All my conversations with new mums tells me, we are all collectively looking for very similar outcomes for both ourselves and our children.

The benefits of baby wearing are so many that even without adding the extra one of being able to do some physical activity in them, its worth carrying your baby.

  • In this class you will learn how to bond with your baby through the power of breath.
  • We will practice gentle, safe and connected yoga that will incorporate your baby both actively and passively throughout the class.
  • You will be able to strengthen your core and improve your natural posture which will in turn help with your mothering needs throughout the day and night.
  • With the postures we will hold during the practice you will be able to align your body safely with your sling and thus reduce aches in the upper back and shoulders that are common during long periods of baby wearing.
  • We will concentrate on the spine and pelvic floor, enabling you to find space and length in your movement, which in turn will help with building core stability.
  • Apart from these physical benefits, your baby will learn how to regulate their emotions through your breath and centred emotional seat.

The main aim is to have fun and incorporate all the above elements of the practice without any expectations. Most often its expectations that kills results.

Bring your own sling or you are welcome to borrow a Marsupi for a small charge of £1.

opening the gates to resilience

If you have never tried a sling before, I could help and support you into using one for the class (I am a qualified baby wearing peer supporter) or alternatively you could visit the sling library for a personalised consultation and may wish to hire one for a short time before committing to buy one that you will love.


The class is scheduled for one hour, of which the first 15 minutes we will get together chat, have a biscuit or two and get ready with the slings. You can either wear your baby to class or come to class and then put the sling on in these first few minutes. We will then aim for a practice session of 40 minutes and relax and get out of our slings in the last 5. However, if you need to feed, change or simply settle baby during the 40 minutes of practice please feel free to do what you need. Tending to your baby’s needs is far more paramount than any posture you will hold. This is a judgement free zone with only supportive mums all around.

bringing mums together


So come and enjoy the company of like minded mummies, get fitter and have a giggle…

Please click on the class you would like to attend to take you to the booking page.

Chester – Hoole community centre – Fridays 10:00 am till 11:00 am

Wrexham – Gresford  Memorial Hall – Tuesdays 10:00 and till 11:00 am