Marsupi Slings

Why do we use Marsupi slings? Here are some fabulous reasons!

The Marsupi is a refreshingly simple carrier. ♥

The Marsupi Breeze is the light version of the Marsupi. It is made of 60% linen and 40% cotton and therefore lighter and more breathable than the original Marsupi. Ideal to wear for yoga.

We love this carrier – it’s simplistic design truly makes comfortable baby carrying super accessible to everyone.

You can carry your baby from newborn/3.5kg up to 15kg. Baby can be worn on the front in the tummy-to-tummy position or on your hip.

Its secure, stable velcro closure system makes carrying quick and accessible to all. It’s simple, neat, and unfussy with a velcro closure at the waist and 2 shoulder straps which cross on the back (to create an ‘X’ shape) and close at the front with velcro. The absence of any hard buckles or latches makes it feel like a pouch of your own!

The shoulder straps and waist belt are both padded and adjustable.

The seat section can be narrowed or widened so that your baby always adopts the anatomically correct ‘frog’ position, so important for the development of baby’s hips – imagine a lovely soft position, where baby’s knees are higher than their bottom and their back is softly supported – just right.

Each Marsupi has an integrated head support. Head support allows you to carry newborns or support the neck during a nap.

Wide, low profile straps make it easy to wear a jacket, a diaper bag, or lean back in a chair comfortably.

Marsupi is thin and super flexible but also allows you to carry much of the weight on your hips.

The cotton used is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and completely organic.

Made in Europe too ♥


Choose your Marsupi according to your build (not your baby’s!) – here’s a rundown on the sizing:

Size S / M = waist circumference 65-90cm & height less than 180cm.

Size L = waist circumference 65-100cm & height taller than 175cm.

Size XL = waist circumference 80-115cm & height taller than 175cm.

Top tip – when in doubt, always choose the smaller size of carrier.

Features of the Marsupi Breeze:

• From birth to 15 kg

• Front and hip carrier

• Velcro closing system, no buckles and buttons

• Size adjuster for newborns

• Integrated headrest

• Height back panel: 33 cm

• Width back panel: 22-26 cm

• Weight approx. 200 g

• Machine washable at 30 degrees

• Made of 60% linen and 40% cotton


Some FAQ

Does the Marsupi have good back support?

Yes. The Marsupi incorporates the best support configurations of other carriers without the bulk. The Marsupi has straps that sit just above the hips so that the hips carry a significant portion of the baby’s weight. The shoulder straps allow flexibility to accomodate different positions (both sleeping and awake).

What type of fabric is the Marsupi made of?

The Marsupi is made of a unique super-soft blend of 40% linen and 60% cotton. This combination permits it to breathe, making it more comfortable for both you and baby even on hot days. This thing was made for the “Keep me close” class!

Can I wear my baby facing both in and out?

Marsupi is designed to be most comfortable with the baby facing towards you, and that’s how we recommend you use the Marsupi. (That said, we’ve seen people carry their kids both ways!)

Purchasing a Marsupi.

We are so convinced you will love these slings, we offer you a buy back option. If you don’t absolutely adore your sling we will give you 100% money back for unused and unopened boxes and 50% of purchase price within the first 60 days of a used sling. No ifs and no buts…

Free postage within mainland U.K as standard!

Free returns!! (New and unopened boxes only)

To place an order simply PayPal us the money with your chosen option details and sit back and wait in for the most wonderful package of baby bonding gear ever.

Please send the correct amount with your choice options and postal address in comments.

Marsupi options:

Marsupi Breeze S/M and Large – £60


Marsupi original (Anthracite) S/M and large – £50

Marsupi original (Chocolate ) S/M and large – £50

Marsupi Mini (red and blue)- £24

All “Keep me Close” class attendees get £5 off any Marsupi purchase excluding the mini. That’s one yoga session Free!! Just mention KMC in your PayPal details.