Keep me Close – Early Days of a Mindful Mother Course

Who is this study day for?

All parents and caregivers of a new born baby who would like to create a simple yet powerful connection and bond with their new born via our deep-rooted evolutionary mechanisms.

This course is also for health practitioners who work with new families. Midwives, doulas, breast feeding support teams, health visitors and even GPs. These gate keepers of health and well-being of a new mother can greatly benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of how evolutionary bonds are created, what can be done to deeply facilitate these among new born and their mothers.

You will learn simple and practical techniques, tips, and exercises gathered from a wide range of disciplines such as anthropology, meditation and mindfulness, movement science and voice modulation.

What is the course aim?

We are born with powerful survival instincts. However as social and cultural norms take precedence in the first few days of birth, these powerful instincts can be lost.  The first few hours and days are of primal importance in not only the survival of a new born but the wellbeing and ability for the mother and baby bond to thrive and develop over time.

The mum and baby already know each other intimately but need the help of their powerful senses to connect all the dots and thus create the most unbreakable powerful bond.

This study day will focus on how we can facilitate this meeting of two close partners.

What is the course structure?

  • We will bring in evolutionary science, data from anthropological studies and clear evidence-based practices that have made a difference to our understanding of the first few days of a new born in the recent years.
  • We will delve into the ancient science and art of meditation and the physiological evidence of the power of breath modification practices. We will spend a good amount of time in practice of these techniques.
  • We will introduce the science of movement and its impact on mother-baby bond. We will learn specific movements that can be used with the breath modification practices that will create an environment of connectedness with mum and baby.
  • The mother’s voice and vocal nuances are a familiar territory for the new born, we will learn how we can harness that intimacy by incorporating voice modulations and breath modification practices to enhance the sense of calm and safety in the new born. Such practices can also create a deep sense of value and change the mother’s physiological environment.
  • We will bring together these practices in connection to feeding, caring and sleep for the mother and baby.
  • We will also touch upon urban myths, harmful pseudoscience and how to address such deeply embedded social practices and change these with education and evidence that is emerging from various branches of scientific pursuits.

This is a course that will give you the “whys” and the reasons for your mothering instincts to flourish. This is a course that will help you rest easy when you doubt your inner wisdom because you will have powerful rationale to not do so.

This is also a fun day, a day of learning a lot of practical tips, techniques and practices that are simple and easy to incorporate in the day of a new mother. These practices won’t need you to do anything different from your daily routine but will add a layer of understanding, perceptiveness and mindfulness to what you do.

Course Duration: 6 Hours

Course cost: £40/person

If you or your organisation would like to host us to run this study day then please get in touch. You can get together with some friends and host the course.

We need a minimum number of 8-10 people and a host venue. We will bring everything else along.

Each course participant will receive the course book as part of the fees and ongoing support and discussion on our online facebook group.

email: with any questions.