The BirthWell Retreat

6th — 10th NOVEMBER 2019

5 beautiful days within a Spanish nature reserve.

  • Are you finding it hard to get time to think about all your birth options and preferences?
  • Do you feel your daily grind is not allowing you to really focus on you, your pregnancy and the birth of your baby?
  • Do you struggle to bring up your worries and questions during the limited time you have in your midwife appointments?
  • Are you and your partner finding birth and all the preparation around the new baby daunting?
  • Does your partner feel confident in his role during the birth process?
  • Have you taken time out for yourself and your relationship at this most vulnerable time in your life?

If you haven‘t been able to take this very special time in your life and give it due importance and you feel your day to day life comes in the way of making clear, rational and emotionally valid decisions about your birth, then come along to our unique and decadent retreat that give you all that and much, much more!

Nature, relaxation and birth conversations...

Give yourself the gift of headspace to discuss and create a positive atmosphere for the birth of your baby. Five glorious days to be among likeminded people who are at the same juncture in their life as you along with the undivided attention from two of the most caring of birth professionals in the country.

This retreat is set in a magical settings where the Parque Natural Sierra de Grazalema rises from quiet rural byways like an apparition and the natural world takes you away from your daily humdrum and chores. Great buttresses of rock silhouetted against the clouds soar above a forested landscape tinged with green even when the rest of Andalucía turns yellow under a baking summer sun. A Unesco Biosphere reserve since 1977, according to BBC Travel, the best place to hike in Andalucía.

Two whitewashed villages serve as gateways to our yoga retreat center. Zahara de la Sierra is one of Andalucía’s most striking villages, sashaying up a craggy, castletopped peak in the park’s northern reaches. And El Gastor, also known as the Balcony of the Andalucían White Villages, its narrow passes connecting the villages lead over high mountain passes, drawing near to some of Spain’s prettiest mountain scenery.

If you’re looking for a mountain and yoga vacation, this is the place for you!

Enjoy beautiful accommodation surrounded by nature. Cool off after a hike in the mountains at our five outdoor pools with views of the sierra. Fresh vegetarian meals will be cooked for you daily. You can savour local organic produce in delicious Mediterranean dishes.

The retreat is designed as a luxurious and slow paced to allow you to really relax and consider your innermost desires and ideas on the birth of your baby.

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Why MummyYoga?

Dr Rehana Jawadwala

Dr Rehana Jawadwala
Founder, MummyYoga

Samantha Bull

Samantha Bull

Our Birthing workshops and retreats are truly unique. These go well beyond hypnobirthing, in fact hypnobirthing is just one single technique that can be applied in the context of an undisturbed birth. We bring evidence from a variety of areas such as anthropology, neuroscience, cultural artefacts and community wisdom. Science, and neuroscience in particular, is littered with gems of important evidence-based understanding of how we can make our births truly personal, empowering and a positive experience that should be denied to no parent.

We are evidence based and not expert based. This attitude defines us in everything we do.


  • 4 Nights at the beautiful Nature Reserve venue.
  • Complete headspace to talk and bring together your birth preferences.
  • Yoga and meditation specific to birth.
  • Delicious healthy meals daily.
  • Five Swimming pools and a Dolmen at the venue.
  • Yoga Retreat Centre in the middle of a Nature Reserve.
  • Qualified, experienced and authoritative midwife Sam Bull, on board to speak to about anything that’s on your mind.
  • Rehana, founder of MummyYoga has 20 years of health and wellness experience. She has worked with hundreds of couples brining her yoga and meditation experience and philosophy to birth preparation.
  • All MummyYoga workshops are clear, evidence based and non-patronising. We provide the supportive environment where all parents-to-be feel welcomed and no one way of birth planning is held above others.


  • Some of the topics we will engage in via a series of workshops/interactive discussions
  • Late pregnancy and foetal positions Maternal pelvis and the foetal skull.
    Birth timeline — hormones and physiology.
    Birth environment — Your home, Midwifery Led Units (MLU), Local hospital.
    Birth preferences Common stress junctures approaching the big day — Induction.
    Post-date — length of gestation.
    Maternal age.
    Gestational diabetes.
    Foetal weight predictions.
    Reasons for C-sections.
    Pain relief options.
    Comfort during birth — techniques/partner work.
    Different types of birth.
    Complications during birth.
    Managing expectations and unexpected outcomes.
    Early days and lifelong bonds.
  • Practical hands on work
    • Rebozo work
    • Birth and peanut balls
    • Meditation and breath
    • Massage techniques
    • Voice modulation — diaphragm rule
    • Vision boards — visual birth plans
    • How art impacts physiology for birth

The BirthWell Retreat


Based on twin sharing.
  • Early Bird £750
    From 15 Sep - 10 Oct 2019
  • Last Minute £950
    After 10 Oct 2019


Group ticket for 2 people.
  • Early Bird £1,300
    From 15 Sep - 10 Oct 2019
  • Last Minute £1,800
    After 10 Oct 2019


6th — 10th NOVEMBER 2019