Births and Testimonials

Watch Daniela candidly chat about the changes in her physical strength, emotional resilience and preparation for childbirth after attending #MummyYoga classes for almost six months during her second pregnancy.

It's emails and feedback like these that make running MummyYoga classes so rewarding:

Hi Rehana!
...While I'm here, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all of the support and expertise which both your antenatal and post natal classes have provided during my pregnancy and motherhood journeys. They have made a subtle but significant difference in my approach to both my mind and body! As a yoga ‘newbie’ – your classes introduced me to a completely different way of thinking about my body and what it was capable of. Under your instruction (both during pregnancy and after birth) I have become so much more confident about my body and ‘just seeing’ what it is capable of. Your classes have given me an ‘inner strength’ – I didn't realise how much my brain can affect physical outcomes until I attended your classes!

It has been a joy to attend Hoole community centre for (almost) a year now. I have a much more holistic in my approach to my fitness, and more relaxed in myself. I have developed mental strength, trusting my body and I am so much more confident with what I'm able to achieve in other areas of life/motherhood as well!
Thank you once again, Kathryn x

Hi Rehana,
We had a little girl, Cara Niamh on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you so much for the relaxation class and yoga classes which I really enjoyed and helped me to focus my mind re the fear that I had re impending c section at that time.

Cara is very relaxed and calm and I'm sure your classes played a part in this. I'll hope to come back to your relaxation class once I recovered from the section and can drive, lie down easily etc.

Take care and thank you very much
Emma O'Reilly

Hi Rehana,
I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the great Mummy Yoga classes.

From Wednesday tea time when my waters broke until Thursday tea time I was able to stay at home where I used many of the positions and breathing techniques we had been taught. Baby had turned and was back to back, having the knowledge of the movements we had practiced was invaluable and helped manage the pain. Consequently had I not of had these positions to focus on staying at home for this time would have been very difficult. Little Florence Leah arrived at last in the early hours of Friday 10th July weighing 7lb 4oz and is doing very well.

I have also found some of the breathing exercises particularly useful to feel revived on the ‘slightly’ sleep deprived days.

I will really miss Tuesday evening classes and wish you well with the future courses. Hopefully I will be able to join you soon on a Sunday soon.
Sara Griffiths

Hi Rehana,
I gave birth to my gorgeous little girl, Mia, on the 13th of May and it was amazing!!!! Your exercises and breathing techniques helped me loads during my labour! Thanks so much!!!! I had a normal birth, Mia's so healthy and doing super well!Thalita and baby Mia
Thalita Elton

Hi Rehana,
I've been meaning to email you since last week…my husband and I welcomed our daughter, Thea Elizabeth, into the world on Tuesday 16th June, 4 days before her due date, at 6.02am. She weighed 7lb 10oz and we are absolutely over the moon.

I had begun feeling rather uncomfortable the week before she was born so missed yoga on that Tuesday and my contractions started on the Saturday evening. I hadn't appreciated just how much the breathing and relaxation exercises we had done would help me! My husband helped by reminding me about my breathing through each contraction and I was 8cm dilated when I went onto hospital 48 hours after my contractions started! I had a water birth with gas and air and she popped out 6 hours after I went in to be checked.

Sorry for the length of the email and details, I wanted to let you know how much something as simple as breathing got me through the birth.
Thank you :)
Corrie Curtis

Dear Rehana,
I finally brought our little boy into the world, early Monday morning. He weighed 6lb 15oz.

We have named him Sébastien Alexander Starck – Sebie for short! I managed to have the VBAC that I wanted and managed to get to fully dilated without any pain relief.

Thank you for all your beautiful yoga classes, visualisations, breathing techniques and tools for relaxation, it really helped me prepare for labour.

I will really miss coming to the yoga classes but I will see you again in a few weeks for the ‘Bliss out Mummy’ class.
Best wishes
Lauren Irving.

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