Studio & Equipment

MummyYoga studio

Our studio at the Hoole Community centre

Our classes are held in Room 3 which is at the rear of the building behind the large hall. The room has a lovely high ceiling and large windows. The evenings are bathed in light and it is generally the quieter end of the community centre.

Directions to room 3: As you come through the gates and go around the car park taking a left as you come in (to the side of the building). You can park your car anywhere in the car park. There is a ramp like corridor to the side of the building. As you walk up the ramp you will see a big old black door marked fire exit. You come through the black door (if it’s not open the there is a small lever just above the handle that you press down to release the catch). As you come through the black door you walk through the second door in front before looking for room three to the left. The door immediately to the left of the black door will lead you into the main hall!


MummyYoga classes are completely equipped with all the mats and yoga accessories you will need. Our mats are Oeko-Tex 100 certified; free from nasty chemicals you find in cheap PVC products. Made to strict standards in Germany – No phthalate, no latex, no phenols, no heavy metals, no toxic dyes…and so no nastiness to inhale!! This is especially important to consider when you are pregnant as research shows that cheap plastic, PVC can disrupt hormonal balance, not what you want whilst pregnant!

MummyYoga bolser filling
MummyYoga bolser

The bolsters and eye masks covers and inners are made of organic cotton dyed with vegetable dyes. The eye masks are filled with organic lavender buds from Provence and the bolsters with organic buckwheat husks sourced locally. The blankets are most luxurious weaves made with pure new welsh wool.


There has been absolutely no compromise on these props, in terms of materials, sensitivity to nature, environment, artisan skills and attention to the most trivial details. These have been produced by us simply because I could not find what I was looking for available on the market. Every ready made prop had some degree of compromise. I am so proud to showcase these and can’t wait to hear all the feedback… If you love these wonderful down to earth honest equipment when you use them in class then you will be pleased to know that we are in the process of producing these for future sale exclusively via our website. Not something you will ever find on the likes of Amazon or big faceless retailers. Our supply chain will be clearly authenticated from farm to shop, and our taste in simple, humble and natural aesthetics always showing through. That’s the aim so your feedback at this early stage is everything.