GDPR Compliance Policy

General Data Protection Regulation effective from 25 May 2018 means changes to the way we process your personal data and to the rights you have over it.

We have a legal duty to correct inaccurate personal data, although this is something we have always done.

When we collect your data, at the point of collection we must explain to you why and how your data will be processed, how long we will keep your data and with whom it may be shared.

The only data that MummyYoga Ltd. holds on file about members are your personal contact details and copies of your disclaimer document. If you have membership only with MummyYoga Ltd. we will not share your data with any other organisation whatsoever.

MummyYoga Ltd. will retain your data for eight years as we are obliged to for statutory and insurance purposes, after this time we will remove your data completely from our systems.

You have rights over your data and these include the rights to

  1. Request to see what data we hold about you
  2. Ask us to erase information about you that we no longer need to hold
  3. Ask us to limit what we do with your data
  4. Request a copy of the information we hold about you
  5. Object to what we do with your data and ask us to stop

MummyYoga Ltd. will request your permission to keep your information on file when you first apply for membership, and each year thereafter at renewal.

If you have any concerns over our GDPR compliance policy, please do not hesitate to contact us via our multiple contact channels.