MummyYoga is reinventing the oldest path to self-discovery via reliance on modern scientific evidence. We believe in empowering, supporting and nurturing mothers with clear evidence-based messages and techniques. Our classes, workshops, literature and products stand squarely on the fundamental wisdom from ancient yoga updated with clear evidence from modern science and technology. If you identify with this pivotal shift away from dogma; relying on your physical strength, mental resilience and emotional regulation, then this modern tribe is yours… come on in.

MummyYoga is the first dedicated studio based Yoga practice exclusively for mummies in Chester. This venture was born with a singular aim, to empower women with the physical, mental and emotional strength for preparation into motherhood.

We are FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) accredited and insured.

Established in the Summer of 2015, MummyYoga has quickly become the birth preparation class of choice among a community of strong, independent minded and individual women.


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Here Christine and Kathryn talk candidly about their  MummyYoga experience over 6 months of their pregnancies.

There are a variety of classes to choose from ranging from fertility yoga to antenatal (pregnancy) and postnatal yoga on a weekly basis. There is also Bliss Out Mummy (a unique stress management and anti anxiety class for people on the road to starting a family, pregnant women and new mums). In addition to the classes, MummyYoga provides a whole array of services complementing the signature yoga classes, such as one-to-one tuitions, breathing for birth workshops, nutrition consultancy for pregnancy  and postnatal period. We have even been invited to run our sessions at a “calming and pampering” themed baby shower! So feel free to get in touch with your ideas, thoughts and requests.


The convenience of MummyYoga that stands us apart from other providers:

  1. No block booking required. No need to commit to any length of period if you don’t want to. Class pass options range from a single drop in class to various bulk options. The more you buy the more cost effective each session becomes. And since there are no blocks, you can start coming to any class whenever you are ready.
  2. Classes don’t run only in term times. We support women throughout the year.
  3. You don’t need to bring any kit. Everything from mats to bolsters to eye masks to blocks are provided. Just bring a hydrating drink and wear comfortable clothing to the class.
  4. The convenience and flexibility of scheduling your classes, paying for your passes and even buying products with a state of the art app that is both iPhone and android phones friendly.
  5. Any unused antenatal class pass (due to childbirth) can be frozen to be used in the postnatal classes. No time restrictions on the return period. We do not imply any pressure on mothers to return to their practice. We respect and recognise that each woman and her baby is different in this aspect.

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